Changes to work visa routes from 4 April 2024

Further to Government’s statement of changes to the Immigration Rules of 14 March 2024 which is due to come into effect after the 4 April 2024 we have listed the main changes that may affect our clients: Skilled Workers sponsored after 4 April 2024 The Skilled Worker minimum salary thresholds are ...
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New statement of changes to the Immigration Rules HC1160

The latest statement of changes to the Immigration rules has been published. Bonheur Legal has compiled a list of the most significant changes that we believe will be most pertinent to our clients and future clients. We will therefore be focusing mainly on: The Electronic Travel Authorisation scheme...
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British citizenship for people of Chagossian descent

The Chagos Islands… The Chagos archipelago is a place close to our heart as the founder of Bonheur Legal originates from the Islands. It is a place that has seen its’ inhabitants expelled from their own land by the UK and made homeless between 1967 and 1973 in order for the US to set-up a [&hell...
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Sponsorship Licence Updates

The Home Office has recently issued a set of relevant sponsor amendments.  What you should know:...
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