UK Representative of an Overseas Business visa

For the purposes of the immigration rules, you will be considered a sole representative of an overseas business if you are:

  • The sole representative of an overseas business and want to set up a UK branch or a wholly owned subsidiary in the UK.
  • Or you work as an employee of an overseas broadcasting organisation, an overseas newspaper or news agency.


Main requirements for the Representative of the Overseas Business visa:

Sole Representatives

  • The headquarter of company should be outside of the UK.
  • The applicant should be an employee that holds a senior position and have the ability to take important decisions on behalf of the company.
  • There should be no other branch already established before you come to the UK.


News agency, working in broadcasting companies or newspapers

  • You should be appointed to work in the UK on a long-term engagement.


Other requirements:

  • Have sufficient funds to meet the maintenance threshold
  • Meet the required level of English Language ability unless you come from an English-speaking country as per the rule.


Indefinite Leave to Remain

Sole representative visa leads to Indefinite Leave to Remain after staying 5 continuous years in the UK.  The applicant must show that he or she:

  • Has spent a continuous period of 5 years in the UK.
  • Is still required for the employment in the UK.
  • Still meets the requirements of the Representative of the Overseas business.
  • Meets the absence rules.
  • Has sufficient knowledge of English and have passed the Life in the UK Test.
  • Does not fall for refusal under the general ground for refusal.
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