Sponsor licence

Becoming a Sponsor

A company should apply for a sponsorship licence if it is looking to hire people from outside the United Kingdom. The licence is valid for 4 years and can be renewed if the company still employs workers internationally


Applying for a Sponsorship Licence

A company looking to employ a foreign national will need to hold a Sponsorship Licence.

In order to obtain a Sponsorship Licence, you (the authorised signatory responsible for the licence within the company) must demonstrate that:

  • Your company is genuine and lawful
  • You are honest, dependable, and reliable
  • You have the appropriate systems in place internally to manage the sponsorship licence
  • You are able to offer genuine employment that meets the appropriate skill level and appropriate rate of pay.

When applying for the licence, the company will provide a set of documents in support of the application to demonstrate that you meet the requirements of the Home Office.

Holding a Sponsorship Licence is an important responsibility, and the employer must ensure that it is compliant at all times. In this respect, the Home Office may conduct audits at any time to ensure that the company meets the compliance duties.

Bonheur Legal has been assisting several small to large companies with their Sponsorship Licences since 2009. We have since our inception helped some major corporations to strengthen their workforce in the UK and attracting some of the best talents worldwide.

We have also been assisting clients with the Sponsorship Licence application during Mergers and Takeovers.

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