Skilled Worker Visa 

Skilled Worker visa replaced the Tier 2 General Visa in December 2020 and allows foreign migrant to come and work in the UK to fill the gap in the UK’s labour market.

For a migrant to qualify for the skilled worker visa, please ensure that you have a Sponsor in the UK willing to sponsor you.


  • You must be employed to do a skilled job that is found on the list of eligible job occupations and the employee should be assigned a Certificate of Sponsorship. The Certificate of Sponsorship is a document where the UK employer undertakes that the migrant, will be carrying a specific occupation and be paid a salary above the minimum rate.
  • You must be paid a minimum on-going wage, as per the occupation list.
  • Meet the English Language requirements.
  • Meet the financial requirements unless you are sponsored by an A-rated sponsor who certifies the maintenance requirement on your behalf.



The main applicant can be accompanied by his partner and children to come to the UK. Whilst the dependant visa expiry will be in line with that of the main applicant, the dependant can apply to come to the UK at any time to join the main applicant worker.


Switching to the Skilled Worker visa

You may be able switch to a Skilled Worker from within the UK unless you are on certain specific visas such as temporary visas (visitor visas, domestic workers or on immigration bail).


Validity and Extension of Skilled Worker

There is no restriction on the length of stay in the UK under the Skilled worker route. Visas will be granted in accordance with the work start and end date entered on the Certificate of Sponsorship.

Upon the expiry of your skilled visa, the foreign worker can extend the skilled worker from within the UK.


Indefinite Leave to Remain

Skilled Worker leads to Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) after 5 years of continuous stay in the UK.


Change of circumstances

If you are looking to change role within the same company or changing employer, please be aware that depending upon the situation; this may trigger the requirement for you to apply for a new visa.

We have considerable experience to assist with any change of circumstances in your employment.

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